Matthew Perry Takes That Friends Quiz (Again)

We all know how competitive the Friends gang are - and not just in the show. Remember when Courteney Cox tried to nail some of those famous quiz questions on Ellen? She did okay, but now her co-star Matthew Perry - yes, we know they're not dating in real life, but it was still fun to dream - is here to take that apartment/quiz show title once again.

When Perry appeared on The Graham Norton Show, the host asked him to take the quiz from the classic episode 'The One With All The Embryos' and he pretty much aced it, bar the question that seems to allude everyone (even the actual cast members): Chandler Bing's job? Anyone? Bonus points if you get it. Hint: He's still not a transponster.

Despite the fact that Perry won't be at the Friends cast reunion - it isn't a real reunion, people - we love that he is totally cool about embracing his TV alter-ego, as Cox was. Remember when Jennifer Anniston wasn't impressed when asked to wear a Rachel wig on Jimmy Kimmel? That made us a little sad.


Watch him take the quiz below and reveal a bit more about how he came to be in one of the most iconic series of all time:

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