Matt Damon Fronts Clean Water Campaign

Hollywood actor, and universally agreed upon Nice Guy, Matt Damon has teamed up with Stella Artois and the charity to highlight the women in the developing world who spend hours every day sourcing clean water to live, reports. estimates that these women spend a collective 200,000 hours a day collecting water. They walk for miles and miss out on school to do so. There are often fights at pumps, and sometimes all this effort proves fruitless when the pump often breaks.

How is Stella Artois helping these incredibly hard-working women? Not only have they made a $1.2 milion donation to, but every time you buy a limited-edition Stella beer chalice, with subtle patterns representing the countries that will be aided by the campaign, Stella Artois will donate a further $6.25 to the charity. This money will prove life-changing and provide clean drinking water to women in the developing world.

The campaign uses the tagline ?Buy a Lady a Drink?, and we think it's time to buy a whole bar some Belgian beer.


Have a watch of the powerful video starring Mr. Damon below.

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