Watch: How To Make Waking Up That Little Bit Easier

Not all of us wake up bright-eyed and bushy-tailed in the mornings. In fact, being that it's January and cold and dark, hoping out of bed is one of the hardest things ever. We've reported many a time on the downsides of?not getting enough sleep, and the adverse effect this can have on your physical and mental wellbeing. ?Unless you're one of those lucky "morning" people, the rest of us struggle and grumpily wait for our caffeine to get us through the early hours. For all these reasons, we welcome this handy video of tips and tricks to make leaving your beloved bed in the AM easier.

Firstly, as we all know, regular sleeping patterns are important.?We must also?pay attention to how we use light and darkness both when we're trying to sleep and when we're attempting?to wake. At night, we should put our phones and tablets away and turn off the television - otherwise, our bodies can get confused and, thinking it's light outside, it can be tough to fall asleep. Business Insider's short clip then recommends drinking water in the morning to rehydrate after exhaling and sweating (and thus losing water) throughout the night, and getting some exercise - even if it's just a few minutes of yoga or an evening run after work. Avoiding alcohol is also a good idea as this can lead to sleeplessness and make you super irritable come sunrise. If you've not done so already, incorporating these lifestyle changes may not turn you into a morning person, but at the very least,'might help the process. These tips are handy to follow also.?


Watch the video below:
Via Business Insider

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