WATCH: Liz Costigan Fleury yoga class for Self-care Sundays: Movement

If you missed Week 3 of IMAGE Self-care Sundays, in partnership with Yoplait, we're giving you the chance to tune in to a virtual chat and yoga session – for free – with yogi and trainer Liz Costigan Fleury. Enjoy!

Week 3 of IMAGE Self-care Sundays, in partnership with Yoplait, saw yogi Liz Costigan Fleury put us all through our paces with a virtual yoga session that freed our mind and body.

In a virtual session with IMAGE group contributing editor Melanie Morris, held on Sunday, July 5, Liz, a trainer and yoga instructor, spoke of the health benefits of yoga for our body and our mind, followed by a meditation and yoga session.


"We don't really talk about yoga as an exercise, but you'll often hear people say yoga is a practice," Liz tells Melanie.

Watch back Week 3: Movement with Liz Costigan Fleury here

"It's really wonderful for flexibility and energy flow through the body. If you can imagine the inside of your body and all of the blood flowing, feeding the organs and the cells, the joints and bones. When you move like that in a gentle way, it really helps to strengthen those muscles, to feed those organs, the joints, to allow that blood to flow so that your body is in a balanced state.

"It has been said that yoga is quite good for toning as well, although that wouldn't be our prime reason to practice yoga, but it definitely will tone the muscles."

For new mum Liz, self-care different looks different for everyone. But the key is to find something you enjoy.


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"What I did five years ago is very different to what I'm dong now," she says. "I'm a mum of one-year-old twins, so my self-care practice is very different. It involves a lot of meditation as opposed to six or seven years ago it would have been a long run on a Sunday morning with the girls.

"What's really important is finding something that you enjoy."

If you missed Liz's virtual conversation, or want to relive some self-care practice, we're making Week 3 available to you for free here. Meditate, practice some yoga and get moving in the comfort of your own home. All you'll need is a mat, access to the internet and a bottle of water to stay hydrated.

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