Watch: Little Girl Can't Handle Mufasa's Death

If you're toying with the idea of making some babies - be warned - this is going to make you want them even more. This little girl just cannot deal with the fact that *SPOILER ALERT* the greatest cartoon dad of all time, Mufasa, meets his maker in The Lion King. Apologies if that's ruining it for you but that movie came out in 1994, so you've really got no excuses for not having seen it yet; it's a classic, generation-defining movie and much like this little girl, we've not yet come to terms with this painful plot point.

The reason, we guess, that this movie death resonated so heavily with many an 80s/early 90s baby - and any tots who watch it these days - is because it's probably the first time we really encounter the notion of death in a movie. A bit like Bambi (please, don't even get us started), these Disney flicks will no doubt provide kids with an example of what it's like to be emotionally attached to someone, and then lose them, helping them to make sense of what happens when it occurs in real life.

This little cutie isn't taking it lightly, and it's probably the most adorable thing we've seen since that baby cried to the sound of his mom singing.

Prepare to get hit right in the feelings.


Viktoria watching Lion King for the first time, and Scar just killed Mufasa! Check out her light skin reaction.

Posted by Barles Charkley on Saturday, April 11, 2015


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