Watch: Kit Harrington Takes A Special 'Game Of Thrones' Lie Detector Test

Game of Thrones (GOT) fans be warned: there are spoilers below.

But for all that are happy to continue scrolling, Jon Snow AKA Kit Harrington (swoon!) was coerced into taking a unique lie detector test by ?chat show host Jonathan Ross to answer the question on every die-hard GOT fans' lips: "Are you dead?" A predictable, yet necessary line of questioning.

Harrington?finally addressed our?questions about Game of Thrones's'sixth season, but under some shocking conditions - literally. He answered queries?about his character and the upcoming season but was only allowed to respond with "Yes," "No," or "I know nothing." He?then?put his hand in a "lie detector,"?a rock-shaped device that?host?Ross used?to give Harington an?electric shock if he didn't like his answer.


See the interrogation below for a laugh this Tuesday afternoon.

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