Watch: Kids Explain What Love Is And It's Brilliant

Love. It is undoubtedly the most mysterious and complex of our human emotions, and can be difficult to put into words. US talk show host Jimmy Kimmel was in firm agreement with this and for the weekend that's in it, decided to take to the streets of LA and ask for answers to the age-old question: what exactly is love? Naturally, he set about asking a particular group of people he knew would give him the most honest answers - the kids. The results were hilarious, tender and downright cute.

Some were just honest. "Love is gross." Fair enough.

While others already know about issues their peers may be facing in later life. One noted that a friend of hers pretended to have a boyfriend, "but it was just a stuffed animal," she said. "It was funny, because after school who knows what happens with him?" So young, yet so wise beyond her years.

A tiny boy already has a crush on a girl named Isabella and he likes certain things about her: "Her hair ... she has beautiful toys." We like that he has his priorities down already.


Finally, one girl just cut through all the romantic madness and kept things real: "I'm not really into that stuff anymore,? she said. ?Like, marrying and stuff anymore. I feel like I want to be single now.?

Watch the full clip below and enjoy its brilliance.

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