Watch: Ireland as Ultimate Gay Weddings Destination

When it comes to attractive ways to entice visitors to Ireland, nothing is more topical right now than the same-sex marriage referendum. In a very smart move by Discover Ireland, their marketing experts have created a video that sells Ireland as the ultimate destination for gay weddings. As the first country in the world to legalise same-sex marriage by popular vote - we still haven't gotten our heads around how big a deal that is, have you? - you'd be hard pushed to think of anywhere more suitable.

Weather aside, this weekend's result has injected a major amount of love and positivity into this emerald isle, and it won't be surprising to find gay couples from obscure corners of the world coming here to tie the knot.

Though we can't promise glorious sunshine or warm, white sands, Ireland is already a worldwide favourite as far as foreign weddings are concerned. Posh and Becks married here, and just last year Kim and Kanye celebrated their honeymoon among the locals of Portlaoise.

With so many famous faces taking to Twitter to share their delight at this weekend's news, we wouldn't be surprised to see more celebrities paying our shores a visit in the not-so-distant future. All we need know is news that Panti Bliss is on hand to officiate at all ceremonies. Wouldn't that be the best?




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