House of Cards Season 3 Teaser

Last week saw the d?but of Breaking Bad prequel Better Call Saul and while it was amazing, we haven't quite given it the attention it deserves. Why? We're too damn excited about the prospect of the third season of Netflix' own House of Cards.

There was some controversy surrounding the show last week when it was accidentally published in its entirety by Netflix. It was swiftly removed again within half an hour but those who had managed to start the first episode were allowed finish it, meaning there are spoilers out there, so be warned!

The extended trailer was released a few weeks ago but we're still none the wiser as to how the show will develop this season but based on the above teaser, one thing we are sure of is that Frank and Claire don't exactly see eye to eye. SO much tension!


House of Cards Season 3 will be released in full on Netflix (again...) on February 27th. Are you as excited as us!?


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