Watch: Here's Having A Work 'Frenemy' Could Be Good For Your Job

We all likely have at least one co-worker that we feel conflicted about. Call it your ambivalent or love-hate colleague relationship if you will. When an occasion calls, they are often the best person to have on your team, and you really want to like them, but something stops you from slapping a BFF sticker on their desk when they're not looking. Think Regina George in the first half of Mean Girls or Taylor and Katy before all that bad blood went down. Otherwise known as a frenemy.

However, feel free to rejoice, because it turns out that having one in your place of work is an excellent thing. Why you ask? Well, according to a new study having one actually encourages to do your job better. Research published in the Harvard Business Review found that working with someone who gives you those combatting feelings can increase your capacity for empathy and motivate you to work better. So this human that gives you strange, contradicting feels serves an essential purpose in your office; the unspoken competition between the two of you keeps you on your toes and refuses to let you grow complacent. You might complain about them from time to time, but you'll also be learning from them.

Learn more about why in this insightful video below and mull over this on your way into work tomorrow:


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