Watch: Happy Father's Day, Mom

In case you've been ignoring every capitalistic prod to purchase, this Sunday marks Father's Day. Schedule an alarm, because if you don't make time for a phone call to the man who loved you unconditionally and embarrassed you while giving you and your pals lifts to teenage discos, you are A Bad Person.

However, for some people Father's Day isn't the great cuddly Hallmark occasion it is for others. It can be a reminder of a lost one on a forcibly happy day. And what about people who don't have relationships with their dads?

Angel Soft (the toilet paper company, bear with us) decided to honour the women who single handedly raise families without partners in the picture. In a two-and-a-half minute ad, grown men and women reflect on their mothers, who performed dual roles of mother and father. Every story is one of a woman who stepped up to the plate, channeling traditional feminine roles as well as those qualities associated with dads. One woman taught her son how to punch. One man talks about how his mother handled widowhood and four children with incredible strength. Every child breaks down with gratitude at how their mothers raised them - it's all very emotional. ?She really is the most amazing mother, but she was also an incredible father,? says one son.

Have a watch, and a guaranteed cry, below.



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