Watch: George Clooney Talks About Proposing To Amal

George Clooney, suave husband to Amal, is on the press tour for Hail, Caesar! which necessitates a visit to The Ellen Show. Ellen asked George all about the wedding slash festival he and Amal threw in Venice, specifically why she and Portia weren't invited. George handled the interrogation like a diplomat, explaining that the tight guest list of 105 was dominated by Amal's big Lebanese family. However, the part of the interview that made us swoon came later. George confessed that he hit it off with his wife from their first meeting, and that it took him six months to realise he'd ask Amal to marry him. Awwww.

And how did he pop the question? At home, after dinner. It's very romantic and you really have to hear him tell the story with such obvious love in his voice.


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