Watch: First Peek At Wonder Woman

It was a long time coming but at last, a stand alone Wonder Woman movie has gone from one of those 'yeah, maybe we'll get it to it some day' boardroom conversations to a fully materalised,?live-action film. DC Comics have answered the prayers of many, placing one strong, ass-kicking, baddy-fighting female in the lead role instead of pigeon holing her into the overdone damsel in distress stereotype that garners nothing more, in 2016, than a looping eye-roll. Hurrah! Portrayed by Gal Gadot (of Fast & The Furious franchise), we'll get our first taste of Wonder Woman in the forthcoming Batman Vs Superman: Dawn Of Justice (where Ben Affleck and Henry Cavill go head to head) but it won't be until her own movie that we get the chance to delve into her origin story and find out what makes her tick. And Chris Pine also features, so, y'know, that's nice.

So far, we like what we see. Do you? You needn't hold your breath, however, as this movie isn't scheduled for release until June 2017.


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