Watch: Donal Skehan's Irish Dinners

If you're familiar with us here at IMAGE HQ, you'll know that we're big fans of Donal Skehan. A gentleman, a proud Irishman and a fine good cook. Today, we're hosting the first of his Paddy's Day videos in which he teams up with some of the biggest foodie Youtubers from across the globe to promote the joy that is this Emerald Isle and, more importantly, our glorious grub.

No, we don't just eat potatoes and drink Guinness all day every day. First up for Donal's Big Saint Patrick's Day Collaboration? Potato and Irish Cheddar dinner rolls, featuring The Domestic Geek. We'll overlook the inclusion of potatoes this once.

Warning: Best watched on a full stomach for fear you might want to eat the screen.


Donal launched his Youtube channel around this time last year and now has over 150,000 subscribers tuning in each month to see what he's up to.

Stay tuned for more! Donal will be posting a video per day from March 10th - 17th.


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