WATCH: Discover The Power Of Balance With Dietician, Paula Mee

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In partnership with Avonmore Balance Milk, IMAGE?is'seeking to help women to find?better?balance in all aspects of our hectic lives with a new series, Discover The Power Of Balance.

From greater equilibrium?in our work lives to practical ways to incorporate healthy eating into our often cluttered days and from the tricky financial juggle to that oft-overlooked balance in our personal relationships, we want to develop strategies to bring back that longed-for sense of calm amid the clamor of career, relationships and health matters.

Join IMAGE reader and primary school teacher, Rachael as she explores better avenues to healthy eating with the guidance of dietitian, Paula Mee. Watch for expert tips on finding balance in your diet.


IMAGE and Avonmore enlisted the help of five experts across a diverse set of disciplines (relationship psychologist, fitness guru, dietician, personal finance advisor and career strategist) to guide five IMAGE readers with practical advice and tips on how to regain some essential balance in their lives. By bringing a little harmony back into our packed schedules, we are then free to enjoy our lives to the fullest and to feel?invigorated by our commitments rather than enslaved to them.

We asked you, our readers, how you felt the about the balancing act of your day-to-day. Our survey was completed by over 1000 Irish women and shone a light on some of the biggest concerns for living and thriving in today's?fast-paced world.

When it comes to making food choices at the end of a busy day, often we find ourselves reaching for convenience over nourishment. On the positive side, 65 percent of respondents feel they eat a balanced diet,?however, just one-third of those polled, cook from scratch each day.


Rachael needs her diet to compliment her busy schedule and love of exercise.

?Milk is an ideal recovery drink. Calcium is really important for strong bones,? says Paula.


?It's important to always be checking in, doing a little audit to find that balance.?

New Avonmore Balance Milk with extra protein and added iron, is specifically designed to put back in what life takes out.

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