Watch: Conor McGregor Talks About Following His Dream

Even the non-hardcore fans of all round bad-ass, Conor McGregor, UFC champion, can surely appreciate the man's utter dedication to his craft. He isn't a world champion for nothing, and underneath that tough exterior, he has shown he can be a real softie too. And should you think that his success has gone to his head, well, this interview might just prove otherwise.

In the early hours of Sunday morning, McGregor takes on the welterweight showdown with Nate Diaz at the Grand Garden Arena and in the wake of the hype, the Crumlin native stopped by Conan O'Brien to talk about his life and extraordinary career thus far. In the video below, the athlete talks about how he got his start in life - as a plumber - and the struggles he endured as he gave up his job, knowing that he was meant to follow his dreams.

It's an endearing side to McGregor that we aren't privy to on a regular basis. This guy isn't all talk; he's an incredibly hard worker who had the nerve to go for it, and not stop until he achieved his goal - to be UFC champion.

We've always admired McGregor, but now, even more so.


Watch the interview below:

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