Watch: Chrissy Teigen Answers Your Most Googled Questions

?Oh Chris'sy Teigen, can we be your best friend? Wife to John Legend, soon to be momma to a baby girl and the most fun pregnant celebrity we've ever followed, we can't get enough of this woman. She's hilarious on Twitter, she's herself in every way and she's loving life in a way that can't not rub off on you. She's not afraid to say what she thinks and she's fast becoming one of the best role models in the industry for young women to look up to. She also loves food, especially pizza for breakfast, so she's a girl after our own heart.

Chrissy Teigen

Here she sits down with Self Magazine (for which she graces their forthcoming cover) to answer some of the most Googled questions about her (she's endearingly nervous about what kinds of awful questions might pop up), about pregnancy and general life how-tos. John Legend is in the studio with her and you'll love the moment when she gets asked what style of music he performs.


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