Watch: Channing Tatum Romances Lucky Fan And We're So Jealous

Valentine's Day is just around the corner (pass the'sick bag, sorry), but there's?one woman who?won't forget the momentous occasion for a long time coming.

The Hail, Caesar! star stopped by Jimmy Kimmel?this week?to surprise an unsuspecting stranger with his hilarious take on the art of seduction.?"Wouldn't it be funny if we didn't find anybody?" Channing mused. AS IF.

Anyhow, all was well when one lucky, lucky fan named Jennifer (sadly, not me, obvs) agreed to take part.

He whispers sweet nothings in her ear, feeds her those little heart sweets and busts out moves from Magic Mike (the best bit of the whole clip). She looks thrilled, yet mortified and we're slightly sick with jealousy.


You're not diabetic, are you?" Jimmy joked to Jennifer, as Channing held a candy heart over her mouth.?"Who cares?" she replied. Who cares indeed.

The entire thing is brilliant. Watch below for a giggle this Friday night.

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