Watch: Is Channing Tatum The Next Big Musical Star?

As well as some serious moves, the boy has got some decent vocals.

Listen, we all know Channing Tatum can dance. Step Up, Magic Mike, Magic Mike XXL, our sexual fantasties - the man can do Satan in the garden of Eden type things with his hips. However, expect that crush to bloom into something even more... more. The actor is starring in upcoming Coen brother's old Hollywood comedy, Hail, Caesar!, which is showing at the Audi Dublin International Film Festival?later this month.


Channing plays a Gene Kelly type actor in the movie who is shooting a sailor musical amidst a kidnapping scandal involving George Clooney's character, an actor in a Roman epic who is snatched mid-production. Expect a screwball plot, more cameos than you can shake an IMDB search at, and Channing Tatum dancing in a sailor outfit.

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