WATCH: Catherine Tate's return as schoolgirl Lauren is all you need to see this weekend

In need of some light relief this weekend? British comedian Catherine Tate reprised her much-loved role as schoolgirl Lauren Cooper alongside David Tennant during the BBC's Big Night In this week.
The actress joined forces with former co-star David after first starring in Doctor Who together 13 years ago as the Doctor and Donna Noble.

During the sketch, Lauren tried to convince her long-suffering teacher that they could catch coronavirus through the computer during a Zoom call.

It is, predictably, hilarious.

The panic – "You're standing too close to your computer, sir. You've got to stand 2 metres away" – the face mask, the pressed hand... it's all comedic gold.


Oh, and Tik Tok. That’s all there is to say about this part.

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