Watch: Cara Delevigne And Derek Zoolander Have A Walk-Off

Are you in need of some serious motivation this weekend? It can be hard to come by, especially when Netflix can be so darn irresistible, but fret not, because two top models are here to help you work it.

The blue steel model that is Derek Zoolander and his trusty sidekick?Cara Delevigne are all about getting fit in the best way they know how -?by'strutting their stuff on a makeshift runway in Paris. Yes, it's as glamorous as it sounds.

Filmed in Paris with the Eiffel Tower in view, the zany video clip shows the good looking duo twisting their obliques and generally working it?to a booming dubstep, with Delevingne's dog, Leo, in tow.

It's a #WalkOff @caradelevingne

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And as Zoolander was only too happy to inform his legions of fans, this officially means the?undeniably hip pair?are an item now.?"Der-vigne? are now a ?thing.? In the coming months and years, I'll be live-gramming my relationship. She's a beautiful girl, not just on the outside. But also on the side side. Like in profile," he wrote on Instagram. He's also delighted that they are both "parents" to the adorable pup.

Though, as it turns out, she isn't as keen:


Okay. this happened. Mistake. Never should have accepted the dog. #regrets #nevertouchedhisbutthole

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Zoolander (AKA Ben Stiller) recently burst back onto the scene after a 15 year break from?the industry. Zoolander 2 hits screens very shortly?and if that wasn't enough, he recently landed his first Vogue cover.

For further proof that he is the man, his 73 Questions segment with the fashion publication is pure comedy gold:

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