Watch: Britney Spears Does Carpool Karaoke

Hello, nineties?nostalgia. The queen?of ?MTV music videos and general pop legend, Britney Spears, is back in a big way. With a new album, Glory just released and a comeback performance due at this Sunday's VMAs, it seemed only fitting that she should grace James Corden's infamous passenger seat in Carpool Karaoke as part of her foray back into the limelight.

The sketch - which aired during The Late Late Show ? features Spears belting out hits such as ?Toxic? alongside her amenable host ?The pair then continued the sing-along with hit tunes such as ?Oops!? I Did it Again?, ?Womaniser?, ?new single??Make Me? and of course, the tune that started it all, ?Baby One More Time? ??with Spears (and Corden) dressed in the now-iconic Britney school outfit.

It's refreshing to see the former 90s teen queen and Vegas performer outside her pre-approved, scripted universe and take part in something in such a relaxed manner; a rarity these days thanks to her very public breakdown in 2007. Lest we forget that Spears was in a league all on her own in the early millennium, her performances flawless; full of glamour, snakes and a mountain of body glitter and we, her loyal fans, loved her for it. After a painful few years, it could be the start of a new era for Spears, and we're hoping she thrives and ignores the online backlash that has already begun (it's a miracle she's handled public life up to now, all things considered).


For a sweet reminder of all the musical happiness she has unleashed on the world previously, watch the clip above.

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