Watch: Blind YouTuber Blows Our Minds With Makeup Skill

We were blown away when YouTuber Lucy Edwards posted this video to her channel this week of her expertly applying her makeup to perfection, despite the fact that she has no sight. ?She starts with a primer and ends with a perfect swipe of lip-gloss. We're so impressed - our skills aren't as good as this!

She told Buzzfeed that she had partial sight up until around 17, when she became fully blind. She explained that, along with sister Alice, they created a routine that didn't require using a mirror. Naturally, this hasn't been an easy process, and the 19-year-old, who is from the UK, said it took a good year for her to gain confidence applying the makeup.

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"At points I've been like, ?I don't want to do this any more,? because it's been so frustrating,? she said. ?But I have to calm down, and trust people. That's a factor when you go blind - you have to put your trust in people a lot more with the way you look.?

We're so inspired by Lucy; it can't have been easy to reach that level of skill with no sight. ?She added that she was excited to be used as a resource for those that face the same issues as she does, and she's made different videos under her YouTube name ?Yesterday's Wishes.? ??I've met people online who I can talk to, and get support from. And we can all be a network together. Nobody is the definition of ?normal?, but makes you happy with people around you who you know are experiencing similar things to you.?

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Her video, ?Blind Girl Does Own Makeup? is truly brilliant to watch - she applies that eyeliner with such skill she could give Kim Kardashian a run for her money! Lucy's video has since gone viral and it's received over 400,000 hits.

Our minds are blown. Watch her tutorial below:


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