Watch: This Baby Polar Bear Learning To Walk Will Make Your Day

If the thoughts of your weekend coming to an end is getting you down (we all dread the Sunday night Fear), we have something sure to give you a boost. Meet baby polar bear cub Juno, who at just two-months-old spent the last few days trying to learn how to take her first steps. In a short video posted to YouTube, cameras show a wobbly Juno attempting to gain her footing. Brace yourselves...your hearts will turn to mush while watching. The female is already somewhat of a star after previous clips of her went viral online, and it's easy to see why - just look at her!

Her home is currently at Toronto Zoo, where the staff are nursing her to health, so she isn't on public display as yet. This little female cub was born to a polar bear named Aurora. Originally, there were two cubs, but sadly, one didn't make through the first day. After that, the zoo staff took this little one to an intensive care unit and had been nursing her since her mother didn't produce milk. Currently, Juno happily resides in the zoo's Wildlife Healthcare Centre and seems to be doing well?by the look of things.

Watch the clip below, and be warned, it's almost too cute to watch. However, remember, it's good for you, so repeated viewings are allowed.


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