Watch: Anna Kendrick's New Movie 'Get A Job' Is Scarily Familiar

The trailer for Anna Kendrick's new movie 'Get A Job' has surfaced online and we reckon this is a role, toward which many millennials will relate. Not only will it take you back to the time when you lived on microwavable noodles and alco-pops, it will also recall the familiar in anyone who's ever taken a leap of faith into the unknown. Starring opposite Hollywood's most sought-after young male actor right now, Miles Teller, the two appear as college graduates in love who find it a lot more difficult to land their dream jobs,and maintain their fun-filled lives than they'd expected. In short, adulthood can kind of suck, especially if you're working around the clock as an intern with no hope of securing full-time employment, all the while having seemingly insurmountable financial debt hanging over your head before you've even earned a paycheck. Stress city. And on top of all of this, you're now in a world where potential employers can go straight to your social media profiles to suss out what you're really like, which spells nothing but trouble for quite a few of us. Of course this horribly realistic story is told with plenty of sweetness and comedy, courtesy of our two lead actors as well as Alison Brie, Bryan Cranston, John Cho and more.



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