Watch: Anna Kendrick on Turning 30

The girl we wish was our best friend - Anna Kendrick - reckons eating healthy and working out are two highly overrated activities. A woman after our own heart, for sure.

Though we try our best to maintain a balanced diet, watching our sugar intake and putting ourselves through our paces on the elliptical thrice weekly, sometimes all we want to do is kick back with a jar of nutella, a spoon, a sh*tty romcom and a roomy pair of fat pants. It's just hard. Refreshingly, the star of Pitch Perfect 2, who turns 30 this August, is here to remind us thatlest we forget, celebrities are mere mortals too and sometimes, it's okay to just enjoy yourself. Unlike other stars who seem to take exercise in their stride and actually enjoy snacking on celery sticks, Kendrick loathes the entire process.

In a recent bid to look after her body a little better, she tells Ellen DeGeneres of her break-up with one of her ultimate guilty pleasures, Taco Bell.

"I've been trying to be more healthy, and ugh, it's the worst! It's awful," she admits. "The worst part is I feel so much better... I'm trying to work out and eat some vegetables, and it's?awful. I hate it! I feel like, 'Oh, this is how healthy people feel. I get the appeal.'"

"I was hoping I'd do it as an experiment, and I'd feel exactly the same so I could go back to eating Taco Bell whenever I wanted."

As for her exercise of choice? You won't find Kendrick up at 5am six days a week with a former army sargeant trainer. Rather, she opts for?"walking vigorously."


No but seriously, can we be pals?

Check out their chat below, in which she ponders her forthcoming milestone birthday.


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