Watch: All 4 Fifty Shades Clips

It's just one week to the release of Fifty Shades of Grey. Are you flushed with excitement? Have you booked tickets to see the film starring Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan on opening night? Or have you hit peak Fifty? Does the sound of Ellie Goulding's voice crooning Love me like you do make your ears bleed? You should probably move to Malaysia. That country's Film Censorship Board has just banned the film, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Or you could make your way to Buncrana in Co. Donegal, where local campaigner Mary Doherty has led a battle to ban the sceening of the movie in the town's only cinema. (Have a read of the hilarious Irish Times article here.)

With just days until the movie arrives in cinemas - January 13th exactly - clips from the hotly anticipated romance have released to whet the appetites of millions of women, and maybe men, who have been waiting to see the love story of our times on the big screen. Here they are in one article for your viewing pleasure.

First we got the hardware store scene. Christian Grey, billionaire by day and night and whenever his bank account is accessible,? drops into Claytons, where the virginal and blushing English student Anastasia Steele is working. She's a very good shop assistant but Christian's suspicious list leads to Miss Steele making a serial killer joke. Will these brunettes overcome this awkward moment? Or is it a sign of things to come?

The second scene to be released was a snippet from the characters? first meeting. Anastasia is interviewing Christian in his chrome and grey office for the college paper when things take a turn for the personal. Of course the crazy successful businessman offers this young woman he does not know an internship on the spot. This happens all the time in amateur journalism.


The third scene we got to see this week is perhaps the most revealing of all. A disheveled Anastasia sits up in a disheveled bed and angrily quizzes Christian about the nature of the relationship.

?I don't do romance,? he says.

Ah now, Jamie, we've listened to the soundtrack. There is some prime montage music there and one trailer has you smiling and leaning on the kitchen island as Dakota dances and whisks some pancakes. If that's not romance?

Yesterday the Today Show interviewed writer EL James about the adaptation, while offering viewers a peek at the scene when Christian shows Ana his playroom.


And if none of those clips are doing it for you, maybe this ingenious Lego meets Fifty Shades trailer will give you the Friday giggles.

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