Watch: Adorable Rescue Kitten Can Now Walk Without Tiny Wheelchair

As it is National Cat Day, we have some uplifting news regarding a truly gorgeous kitten to celebrate. A while back, we wrote about Cassidy, a kitten who was rescued by Tiny Kittens Society, born with his severe damage to his back legs. The tiny feral kitten was in such poor shape when he was found, that his caretakers were unsure whether he could learn to walk without his tiny wheelchair.

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However, miracles do happen, and the furry feline has made a remarkable recovery. A video posted on the group Facebook page shows the happy cat walking and playing completely on his own. His transformation is so amazing that the shelter is dubbing Cassidy, quite rightly as the "miracle cat."

The video has cheered us up no end and is a heartwarming way to?finish the day.


Watch it below:

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