Watch: Adele's Reworked Version Of ?Hello? Is Brilliant

Remember in primary school when we tinkered around with classroom instruments thinking we sounded brilliant? The reality was probably vastly different, but Adele and US talk show host Jimmy Fallon have taken these humble musical tools and elevated them into something quite brilliant.

Yes, the totally relatable megastar that is Adele has been around plenty of late promoting her record-breaking new album 25, but we haven't even nearly had enough. This time around, the songstress is showing us her wicked sense of humour. There was the time she dressed up as an Adele impersonator to surprise genuine Adele impersonators, and now, she has given us a ?new? version of her smash Hello to watch on repeat (there's even a toy flip phone).

The 27-year-old joined forces with Jimmy Fallon and the Roots to perform the track with a classroom-instrument accompaniment. This clip was unveiled this week and it reveals that Adele can sing in any scenario, and that she?is clearly enjoying letting loose and having a good time during her promotional tour.

Her vocals are flawless; why are we even surprised the tune sounds amazing? This is the best giggle you'll have today. Also, Fallon's facial expression when Adele starts off is all of us forever.


Watch it below:

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