Watch: Adele Twerking Will Make Your Tuesday

Adele for president! Who's with us? President of the world, like, in general. We'd be SO up for that. While the Oscar winning legend is doing the rounds on her sell-out tour (before she headlines at this summer's Glasto), she's really been finding her groove on stage, getting more and more comfortable with the spotlight and more than ever, she seems to be enjoying herself. One thing's for sure, if she decides to throw in the towel on the singing, a career in comedy awaits; she's hilarious, she's genuine, she's herself and every time we watch a video about Adele or we read about the latest gas thing she did, we fall a little bit more in love with her.

Last night, in between epic vocal performances, she had her audience in stitches as she attempted to show the world how incompetent she is when it comes to twerking, but as far as we're concerned, she's bloody brilliant.

Here's hoping we're treated to a little more movement from the wonderful Adele in her next music video; girl's got flow.


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