Watch: Adele Hilariously Pranks Adele Impersonators

Superstar Adele isn't your average celebrity, as she's proven time and time again. When she's not singing heart wrenchingly beautiful, emotive songs, she dismisses endorsements and doesn't take herself too seriously. Case in point, her latest participation in a well-intended prank on The Graham Norton Show.

The 25 hitmaker surprised several Adele impersonators by disguising herself as an Adele impersonator named "Jenny" and it worked like a charm.

"You look so unlike yourself!" Norton said, and he wasn't wrong. The ten-time Grammy award winner put on a prosthetic nose and chin to play the part, even wearing black gloves to hide her tattooed left wrist and none of the impersonators were any the wiser.

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She then demonstrated some more of her fine acting skills, fooling even the imitators that got her voice down to a tee for a fake audition.

After pretending to have some pre-show jitters, the real Adele took the stage for a performance of "Make You Feel My Love" and, of course, shows them how it's done.


It didn't take long for the impersonators to recognise their idol's soulful voice and naturally, pandemonium and much screaming/tears ensued.

It makes for a brilliant?watch, and should make you love Adele (the real one, obviously) even more, if possible.

Watch it below:

25 is out now.

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