WATCH: Here Are 73 Things You Didn't Know About Gigi Hadid

What's it like to be a world-famous supermodel like Gigi Hadid? Pretty damn fine if Vogue's 73 Questions video is to be believed. Her life revolves around travel to exotic locations, shooting Vogue covers and going on romantic boat trips. Hadid is Vogue's August cover star alongside boyfriend Zayn Malik and that is what has caused fans to go into a tizzy in the Youtube comments. Did you know that Malik makes a chicken and sweetcorn pie for her that "feels like a hug"? Or that Hadid's favourite Taylor Swift songs are (in no particular order):?Dear John," "Stay, Stay, Stay," "Forever and Always," "How You Get the Girl," "Clean," "This Love," "Begin Again," "Long Live," "Tim McGraw" and "'Better Man"?

Watch the video below to find out 71 other tidbits about her life that sounds so fabulous, we feel rather sick.


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