Watch: 5 Year Old Boy's Reaction To Being Told His Mum's Pregnant Is Priceless

When we see a video entitled '5 year old's reaction to becoming a big brother' we expect that said five year old will go absolutely bananas, tears and tantrums at the thought of another person entering their world, taking their spotlight, getting all the cuddles and new toys while the first born sulks in the corner. Well the opposite is true of this little boy. His mum tells him that he's got a new sibling on the way and his reaction his priceless. He is over the moon, so sweet, so polite (seriously, can she share her top parenting tips?), so inquisitive and in a total state of disbelief.

If we had an award for the most deserving little boy this week, Youtuber Sarah Bromby's son wins hands down.

The perfect way to brighten up your Thursday morning.


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