WATCH: 5 Of The Best Wedding Proposals Ever

It all starts with a proposal.... How did yours happen? Or if you're waiting to get a ring put on it, how do you want yours to happen? Down on bended-knee in a muddy field? Over a romantic dinner? How about in Disneyland with staff singing and dancing a proposal to you? Or maybe starring in your own makeshift music video to Bruno Mars' Marry You?  (Swoon). The latter are just two elaborate scenarios that actually happened. Yes, they do set the bar for marriage proposals very high but how amazing are they to watch? The shock, surprise and joyous mortification of it all are quite special to behold. However, we wouldn't like to be tasked with planning a wedding after any of these five - all filmed and all gone viral - occurred because how do you top the big day after (for example) all those costume changes? Watch the five clips below and send them to your significant other so they can get ideas...


A catchy, highly appropriate song, the back of a truck and your own elaborate, personal music video starring all your family and friends.  It's PERFECT.



There's getting proposed to on a street, and then there's getting proposed to on a street in Disneyland with a megaphone and where of the staff - or crew as they are officially called - are in on it and ready to sing and dance in the hopes that you'll say yes. Disneyland, people. Magical indeed.


This adorable couple always knew, as the video goes, that they would end up together. So much so that they decided to document it on a round-the-world trip getting pictures taken of them holding up a letter spelling the very phrase out. It's a sweet video made all the sweeter when they reach the letter W, and the surprise kicks in at the end. Awww!



The singing! The dancing! The costume changes! If you're a fan of La La Land, this is quite Oscar-worthy....


An oldie but so lovely. This weather forecaster gets her predictions about the weather correct but couldn't have predicted what would happen at the end of her report.

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Main image by Seth Reese on Unsplash


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