Watch: 100 Year Old Sex Therapist

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When it comes to issues in the bedroom, you'll most often turn to your similarly aged friends, or those Fifty Shades of Grey readers who keep us firmly 'down with the kids' (no, Grandma, kegel balls are not the same as kettlebells). What you don't imagine, is that a 100 year old woman would be the one most worth listening to when it comes to your sexual problems. Turns out, you get to see a lot in 100 years, especially when you're still a practicing sex therapist.

'Sexual pleasure is only one part of what men and women want from each other. They want intimacy, they want closeness, they want understanding, they want comfort, they want fun...'

In this video from Time Magazine, Shirley Zussman (who has recently turned 100) offers her insights into the ways in which men and women's desires have changed throughout the years. Regardless of the generation, she believes, it's always been about more than just 'going to bed with someone'.

It wasn't until the 1960s in America that people began to come forward and recognise their sexual difficulties. Despite what people saw in the movies, in reality it wasn't always as glamorous. Shirley was there from the very beginning of this exploration and if there's one woman we'd love to share a whiskey with, it's her.

Shirley and her husband have welcomed many people into their therapist's office but the issues these folks come with have changed as time's moved on. What's more, she's seen huge changes in how people view casual sex, from the 60s to the present day. Today, she's sad to see the lack of connection between people, blaming the omnipresence of iPhones and other such devices that keep us from developing closeness.


Watch the video for more inspiring insights.


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