It's going to hit 30°C today! Enjoy it with our Walking in Sunshine playlist

There's no better way to enjoy gorgeous weather than with a feelgood, sunshine playlist.

Ireland is close to record-breaking temperatures as the warm weather is set to continue for at least another two days. Parts of the country will see 30 degrees plus on the thermometer. Met Éireann has said that is it “unlikely” we will break the all-time recorded high for Ireland of 33.3 degrees (recorded on June 26th, 1887 in Kilkenny). But parts of the country will be close.

When the sun shines on Irish shores, everything changes. People smile more, laugh more, and there's a distinctive ambience of bliss as the Irish nation unite in embracing the novelty that is rays of sunshine beaming down on our faces. A welcome change from the usual rain and wind that whips our skin into a red, flushed frenzy...

We urge you to get out there and make the most of this mid-week treat, and to get you on your way we've even made a "Walking in Sunshine" playlist! Hopefully, it'll put a pep in your step, especially if you're lucky enough to be somewhere that allows for a lunchtime walk around a park or evening stroll by the sea.

And if you can't get out? Then put this playlist on, close your eyes and allow us to help you envisage lying on a sunny beach somewhere far, far away.


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