Volunteers Wanted To Care For Remote Tasmanian Island

And if you're a couple who can ride out half a year of isolation without killing one another, even better.

If it has been your dream to live in a four-bedroom, one-bathroom 19th-century lighthouse keeper's house?off the coast of Tasmania, then today is your lucky day.

The Tasmania Parks and Wildlife Service'recently put out this call for two volunteers to care for the remote island of?Maatsuyker;?a 460-acre isle six miles off the south coast of Tasmania.

And due "safety reasons" associated with the remoteness of the location, couples are encouraged to apply.

In a Facebook post, the?Tasmania Parks and Wildlife Service said they are looking for "self-sufficient people that are healthy, have a proven ability to live and work in remote locations, and are able to carry out caretaking services including maintenance of grounds, buildings and plant and equipment".


Additionally, volunteers will be required to carry out daily weather observations for the Bureau of Meteorology (measuring rain, checking temperature etc), but training and payment will be provided.

But before you apply, this trip takes being 'off the grid' to a whole new level: there is no television or Internet access, and only one small fan heater for warmth. The couple is also responsible for their own food, clothing, entertainment and bedding, and though there's a resupply trip at the three-month mark, they will be otherwise cut off from the mainland during this period.

However, there will be a helicopter?available in emergencies (such as wanting to murder significant?other etc).

Volunteers can choose to stay for six months from either September to March or March to September and you can apply here. Applications close this coming January 30th, so if you fancy putting your relationship through the ultimate, get your application in fast.

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