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Not getting enough from your standard yoga practise? Wish there was a way to add some pzazz to your proceedings but don't quite fancy a spot of naked yoga? God no, there's far too much bending involved for that. Well lucky for you, there's a new craze sweeping the nation (well, it's certainly taken hold in London for starters), that's described as a more energetic cross between yoga and voguing, a la Madonna; Voga.

If you were a Madge fan in the 90s, you'll take to this like a duck to water as you merge some of her signature dance moves with your sun salutations and downward dogs. As per Vogue, Voga is the brainchild of Juliet Murrell, a former fashion and film-set designer come yoga instructor, who had just about enough with the 'omming' and 'ahhing' and wanted to incorporate some cardio into her daily routine. The idea allegedly sprang to her after an evening spent observing a voguing battle at a Soho nightclub. ?It's more of an homage to voguing,? she tells Vogue, ?but it's all about feeling empowered, strong, aligned, and having fun.?

But will it take on in Ireland? Would Madonna really make for a more inspiring workout? For something that's normally supposed to keep you centred while toning and elongating your muscles, we imagine blaring Like a Virgin throughout our practise would give us more of a headache than anything else, not to mention feeling like a bit of a twat.


Would you give it a go?

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