11 heartwarming dog videos to distract yourself from Covid-19

If you (like us) are finding all the negative news about Covid-19 too much, escape it all for a few minutes by watching these heartwarming videos of dogs

Social media is a very negative space of late, what with all the coronavirus news, fake news and scaremongering.

We need a break from it, and pronto.

For that reason, we've compiled some of our favourite dog videos from across the interweb to spread some light relief. We hope you enjoy them as much as we did.


Booba wears shoes

Puppy falls asleep on baby

Bród Higgins wants a belly rub

Husky and baby become best friends


Shihtzu versus Pepsi prison

Maymo protects home from alien invasion

Oliver sees snow for the first time


Puppy is thrilled when owner comes home

Dog plays dead to avoid the vet

Dog gives baby a cuddle


Corgi wears tights

Feature photo: Milperthusky via YouTube

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