Video Shows Just How Few Women Are In Positions Of Power

NEWSFLASH: Women in 2015 continue to struggle to enter managing director and chairperson positions in commercial and political life. Wait, that's not news to you? What about the fact that women make up more than half of the workforce and outnumber men in receiving university degrees?

While women are succeeding to break down gender boundaries in the workplace - it's the hot topic of this Friday's Networking Breakfast - there continues to be a complete imbalance between men and women when it comes to the highest echelons of power.

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This video by Elle UK visually breaks down the gender inequality amongst the world's most powerful women including Angelina Jolie, Hillary Clinton and Angela Merkel by removing the surrounding men. It just goes to show that these women may be our trailblazers but the road to the top is still muddled by misogyny and ambiguous sexism.


This week's IMAGE Networking Breakfast looks at challenging exactly that, with Vicki O'Toole, MD of JJ O'Toole Terry Prone, Chair of the Communications Clinic and Lynda McQuaid, Director of Content at TV3, ?talking about how they encountered and overcame gender bias in the workplace to develop such thriving careers.

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