Video: Vicky Phelan does experiment with her son to highlight the importance of hand-washing

Women's health campaigner Vicky Phelan has shared a video with her nine-year-old son, Darragh, to highlight the importance of washing your hands during the coronavirus pandemic 

Vicky Phelan, the first woman to shine a light on the recent CervicalCheck scandal, has shared an excellent two-part video on the importance of hand-washing. With the help of her nine-year-old son Darragh, they showed just how powerful handsoap can be.

Having first seen the experiment on Twitter, both Vicky and Darragh felt it would be beneficial to replicate it and share it with others.

"We mixed olive oil, water and pepper together," he explains in the first video. "The pepper is the virus – the coronavirus – and if you don't wash your hands it won't go away. But if you put soap on your hands, it will go away."


In the second video, Vicky asks Darragh to wash his hands in regular handsoap and place his finger back into the bowl. The result of the experiment speaks for itself. Watch what happens below:

Photo: Vicky Phelan, Twitter


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