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When the weather heats up, our meals cool down, as we gravitate towards nourishing salads and lighter options. Al fresco dinners are indicative of summer dining and with such beautiful and delicious root vegetables in plentiful abundance during summer months, why wouldn't you take full advantage of the flavours with some vegan cuisine.

So, why not take vegan menuscaping to new heights with your wedding food?

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Health conscious chefs and blogs such as Hemsley and Hemsley and Oh She Glows have made vegan cooking incredibly easy and accessible for everyday eating, and for wedding menus. We recently came across an amazing website, Dolly and Oatmeal, filled to the brim with vegan and vegetarian seasonal recipes, perfect for researching summer wedding food. We were inspired to compile some dishes that would work for all kinds of dining experiences. Whether you want a formal sit-down affair, a laid-back buffet style dinner, or perhaps intimate nuptials with thirty people, vegan food can be incorporated into your menu without restrictions. Also, you can avoid a world of stress (from fussy foodie guests to friends with food intolerances), since root vegetables form the base of nearly every diet. And to the sceptics who think vegan equals dull and flavourless; they'd better prepare their taste buds for one heck of a ride...

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Another reason to go for a full-vegan menu for your wedding? With all of the glorious health benefits, lightness in your tummy?and general deliciousness, you'll be able to tackle the dancefloor for longer. And if you decide to have some alcoholic tipples. you can be sure that your hangover won't be as debilitating. With that in mind, pass the quinoa and tahini dressing.


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