Vaping May Harm Your Immune System

Some people say vaping is much better for you than actually smoking. Those people are possibly wrong.

When e-cigarettes first arrived on the scene a few years ago, a lot of health professionals embraced them. However further research is putting the kibosh on such perceived mentality. Turns out they're not a healthier replacement, and the vapor of the ?e-juice? is worse for your body in some ways than a traditional cigarette.

A new study has found that e-cigarettes impair one's immune system more than tobacco, in particular the respiratory system. Researchers at the University of North Carolina looked at the effects of flavored e-liquids and cinnamaldehyde, a chemical gives e-cigarettes a cinnamon flavor. These flavourings have been deemed mostly safe when digested, but their effect on lungs and all that has not yet been determined.

The team found these chemicals impaired the immune responses of cells in respiratory airways. They also looked at tissue samples from the noses of tobacco smokers, e-cigarette users and non-smokers to see how the 600 genes involved in immune response fared when faced with certain chemicals.


Scientists already know that tobacco smokers experience a host of their immune genes responses being suppressed. In vapers, the same genes were suppressed, as well as additional ones. In short, your respiratory system dislikes vaping chemicals more than tobacco chemicals.

Scary, isn't it? For more on the emerging science surrounding vaping, check out our report here.

Via Medical News Today

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