Vanessa Paradis Sent Johnny Depp a Toaster as Wedding Gift

As Johnny Depp enjoys married life with his much younger actress wife Amber Heard, rumours emerge that Chanel ambassador Vanessa Paradis sent the couple a toaster as a wedding gift.

It's only the fourth day of March, but we think the tale of Vanessa Paradis and the toaster is our favourite celebrity story of the month.

The Daily Mail reports that the French singer and actress turned down her ex-partner's wedding invite and sent Depp, 51, and new bride Amber Heard, 28, a toaster in lieu of flying to the actor's private Bahamas island. Revenge is a dish best served dry.

Last month the Pirates of the Caribbean actor married Heard in two ceremonies. One in their LA homes and then there was a follow-up party on the afore-mentioned private island. The couple had been engaged for two years after meeting on the set of The Rum Diaries. Depp and Paradis lived together for 14 years before going their separate ways in 2012. While they get on for the sake of their two teenage children, this toaster move and invitation decline is a clear message from the very French Paradis. Your private Bahamas kingdom and happily every after with a younger woman for a cheap toaster?


Vanessa is far too fabulous and busy featuring in Chanel's latest campaign alongside Kristen Stewart, wearing nothing but a handbag, to bother with so-called niceties.

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