Urban Outfitters is the interiors shop we're all forgetting about

Urban Outfitter's online store is a surprise treasure trove of delicious interiors items.

Us Irish are creatures of habit, we know what we like and we sometimes have a difficult time trying new things. Often we find ourselves visiting the same shop, walking the regular routes and dining in the same restaurants. This isn't a bad thing – we just know what we like, right?

But as you make the same Saturday loop of shops and trawl through the same online sites, we reckon you might be missing a trick. As well as the usual Irish interiors shops and the odd high street spot, there are more than a few reasons to add Urban Outfitters to your list of hits.

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And we're not just talking about the quirky gifts and vintage apparel that litter their shops, there are some seriously gorgeous pieces of furniture in there too. The price won’t ruin your holiday plans either, so we’ve selected some of our favourite furnishings that give this retail giant a whole new reputation.

Bedtime bits

Finding a nice bed head is hard. This one will add plenty of interest to your clean white room without feeling like it's taking over either. Plus that green is just gorgeous. Sienna Carved Green Headboard, €459

This is the bed that started it all. Isn't it gorgeous? Stumbled across this online and was shocked to find it was Urban Outfitters... and not just the American website. Ria Rattan bed, €660

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With plenty of printed and brightly coloured sheets available online, we find it better to stick to minimal designs in order to avoid headaches. We love these daisy sheets, so delicate and dreamy. Embroidered Daisy Duvet Cover Set, €119

Storage options

With vintage-inspired options to modern shapes, Urban Outfitters storage options are as creative as they are trendy.

Ideal as a nightstand or the perfect accompaniment to a squishy armchair, the drawer on this Marte unit will definitely come in handy too. Marte Nightstand, €195


Perfect for a small space where you don't want to hang a print, stock up this circular unit with books, bits and bobs. Circular Storage Unit, €55

Imagine this just hanging by the bath with an aromatic candle burning and maybe som salt scrub? Elie Macramé Hanging Shelf, €20

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The perfect match to the bed frame, the bamboo and rattan feel of this is gorgeous but it's really the curved lines that elevate it to the next level.  Ria Nightstand, €195

Sit down


Perfect for relaxing after a long days work this giant cushion has us wanting to spend all day on the floor. Bonus is you can stash it under the sofa when you're not using it so it's not taking up space. Be warned though, that leaving it too long on the floor will give furry-haired pets the opinion that it's for them. Reema Mint Floor Cushion, €165

This adorable little stool would be the perfect seat for a dressing table. Shaggy Stool, €109

Pretend your dining out in a bijou café in Paris with this rattan beauty. Estie Rattan Chair, €525

Featured Image: The Ria Collection featuring natural fibres and lightweight, durable rattan.


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