U2 Busk at Grand Central

The boys of U2 got off to a slow start when they hit the platform at 42nd Street to sing "I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For," with Larry on catering size mayonnaise containers. But as soon as they whipped off their fake 'taches and wigs according to Jimmy Fallon's Plan B, the crowds started gathering. Some cycnics suggest that this was more due to the fact that five large NBC camera rigs will always attract attention. Whatever and incredibly, it doesn't seem like there were any Irish people at the station because the whole affair stayed calm enough. One girl was more intent on filming it than having Bono serenade her personally at point blank range.

Bono's obviously in flying form after his cycling accident last November- Fallon also filmed a skit showing him returning to the bike only to get hit by a car and then a van driven by the other U2 band members. it's not often Fallon fails, but this was a bit of a damp squib if you ask us. We're not at all sure about Bono's new bleached blonde coiff either.




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