Two adorable endangered tiger cubs were born at Dublin Zoo

To end your week on a note that will make you feel warm and fluffy inside, Dublin Zoo has announced the birth of two endangered Amur tiger cubs to first-time parents Tundra and Ussuri.

The cubs were born after a gestation period of 15 weeks. Dublin Zoo described their births as "critical" due to the fact of the number of Amur Tigers are plummeting; their species are endangered with only 500 or so believed to be living in the wild.  "It's a huge deal in terms of conservation."

Born three months ago, the cubs have grown from a mere 1.5kg when they were born on October 4 to 15kg now.


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“Both cubs are very playful and energetic, just like their mother. The cubs have fun chasing each other and play-fighting with their mum's tail is one of their favourite pastimes," said the zoo.


They are hoping the two females – which were formerly considered Siberian tigers - will become part of an international breeding programme for the species in order to help population numbers rise.

They have also opened up a naming competition for the two cubs but as the Tigers are now only found in the Amur Valley in Russia, they say the naming competition must be based around their Russian origins.

You can see them at the tiger habitat at Dublin Zoo this weekend between 11am and 3pm on both Saturday and Sunday.

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