The TV Shows/Movies You Need To Binge On This January

Miserable January is upon us, and while we collectively bemoan the return to work, the lack of Christmas trees and the number of days until summer rolls around (not to mention the distinct absence of prosecco from our daily routines), January's got one redeeming quality we'd like to remind you of. The opportunity to gorge on movies and TV for every hour not spent either at work or asleep. Here are seven things that will see you right through 'til February.

Top of everyone's list over the last few weeks has been Netflix Original Making A Murderer. The number one rule when it comes to this 10 part documentary series is to pop on your blinkers, ignoring every blog post and podcast that map out the various theories surrounding Stephen Avery and just watch it for yourself. Go, now, before somebody ruins it for you and make sure you're up to speed for the hottest water cooler conversation this side of Christmas. Top tip? Stock up on food and water before you get cracking; even pausing to pee will frustrate you. Mysterious, unpredictable, brilliantly produced and head-scratchingly good.


If it's something light that doesn't require too much brain power, You're The Worst gets our vote. Described by many worthy publications as the best TV show you're not watching, this series tells the unlikely story of two people who, as selfish, commitment-phobic, lazy and gross as each other, find they combine for one messed-up romantic pairing. It's charming, biting, and chockers full of laugh out loud moments. Thanks to the narcissistic Jimmy (Chris Geere) and the cynical Gretchen (Aya Cash), the term #relationshipgoals just took on a whole new meaning. A refreshing take on millenial dating.


Short on time but in desperate need of lols? Sleeping With Other People is the answer. Starring Jason Sudeikis and Alison Brie (amazing) and produced by Will Ferrell and Adam McKay (guaranteed winner), this romantic comedy has a surprising amount of heart. Sudeikis and Brie's characters meet again 12 years after a one night stand and copious failed attempts at monogamy in between. Determined to stay friends despite their mutual attraction, they make a pact to keep it platonic, a deal that proves easier said than done. Yes, you can probably guess where this is going but if it's mystery you crave, return to option 1 or go straight to The Affair.

There are many many reasons to watch The Affair, Dominic West (Holy Momma) being one of them. Another reason we've adored this series so far is for the way the story is told from several points of view, meaning that you're constantly questioning the truth. The Affair chronicles the psychological and emotional effects that the central characters' affair (West and Ruth Wilson's character Alison) has on all those involved. Sexy, dark and mysterious this series will be as welcome an escape from the January blues as their hot, forbidden dalliance was from their respective struggling marriages. Super addictive.

The hotly anticipated television adaptation of Leo Tolstoy's sweeping epic novel War and Peace revved up on the Beeb last night, and it was a major treat. Suffering Downton Abbey withdrawals now that the tale of life in a Big House has come to an end? How about Imperial Russia, love triangles galore, so many dresses and endless questions about what is the point of life, love, and war? Also, the main man is one James Norton, a man whose name and sexy mane you will not forget.

It's a week into bitter January and already we're feeling the strain of 1916. Trust us, all this commemoration is going to be overwhelming come actual Easter. Never have we looked forward to a chocolate egg binge more. Cocoa and sugar will be the best distraction when some weird acquaintance on Facebook starts arguing with everyone about the option of Home Rule in the comments. However, one good thing about recalling the Easter Rising is RTE's newest drama series, Rebellion. It started last night and is available on RTE player. Brian Gleeson, Sarah Greene and Love/Hate's Charlie Murphy are among the capable cast who bring to life the stories of various people caught up in Dublin's brief and historic firefight. One thing we love about the series is how women are featuring. It's not just matriarchs and bonnets, we've got suffragettes, female revolutionaries and ordinary women caught up in the conflict. Perfect January viewing.

Do you love Rocky? Because we love Rocky and our brains are already air punching to the series iconic theme. Creed is a sequel slash spin-off of the franchise focusing on the illegitimate son of Rocky's fiercest and most respected rival, Apollo Creed. Michael B. Jordan plays Adonis Johnson, a young man with aspirations to make it as a fighter, but first he wants the best trainer possible, Philadelphia's finest, Mr. Rocky Balboa. This is the ideal excuse to get out of the house for an evening.


By Caroline Foran and Jeanne Sutton

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