Trends to Watch Out For in 2015

We've already covered the trends from 2014 to which we'll be saying good riddance adios, but what about the topics that are going to dominate 2015? Jeanne Sutton tries on her Susan Miller hat?

Stop trying to make no makeup happen.
The no makeup look was the source of many a content filler piece for fashion week. Marc Jacobs made a big show and tell about parading his models down the runway drenched only in moisuriser. However, we think 2015 will be the year contouring leaves its Kardashian roots and goes mainstream. Healthy glow > anemia face everytime. Charlotte Tilbury's Filmstar Bronze & Glow is already getting beauty bloggers excited.

Who are we going to fancy this year?
Forget Ryan Reynolds or Gosling. And maybe even the Hemsworths. The men we're all going to fancy in the coming moths shall be acting tours de force Miles Teller, Oscar Isaac and Matthias Schoenaerts. Teller will be winning every award going for Whiplash and Belgian Schoenaerts will be making us swoon in period dramas Far From The Madding Crowd and Suite Fran?aise. Although maybe not so much in the latter because his character is a Nazi soldier?



Meanwhile Isaac will be bringing those tall, dark and handsome vibes to A Most Violent Year and a little movie called Star Wars.

Privacy is a feminist issue
After years of broadcasting the minutae of our lives, and brunches, on all the social media, we have a feeling 2015 is going to see those privacy settings become key. The celebrity hacking scandal brought data security into sharp focus, especially where women were concerned, and the scramble of people joining Ello, a pared back Twitter, shows that a personal 24-hour-news-cycle is something the people may not want anymore.

The Next Foodie Trend? Vikings.
Did you see Vogue had the Viking Diet on their January cover? I asked aloud what one would eat on such a diet and a guy deadpanned ?Monks.? While cannibalism is not going to be on the menu, the balanced diet is going to make a return after years of self-appointed gurus lauding eliminating whole food groups. The Viking Diet is a nordic diet that encourages increasing'vegetables, herbs, nuts, fruits, legumes, and grains - all good things - and decreasing meat while focusing on seafood. Sounds sensible, no? After all those Vikings were hardy folk, what with all that invading.

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