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Want your wedding to be the event of the year? Claim the coveted title by incorporating the trends that dominated the Autumn/ Winter €14 runways, as though the aisle is your personal catwalk. Move over Cara and Kate, here comes the bride.

Maintain your 'dedicated follower of fashion? status, seamlessly by taking note of our guide to include BASH's favourite trends for the season. Wearing the trend isn't necessary. Instead, have different aspects of your wedding echo the runway reports. Stationary, colour scheme, cakes, decoration and floral arrangements are ideal outlets to give a tasteful nod to the latest collections by Valentino, Saint Laurent, and Burberry.

Valentino wowed us with magical fairytale gowns and Disney have started designing wedding dresses (though they wouldn't be our atelier of choice). Embody princess chic in a more understated way and channel Valentino's fairytale vision. Alternatively, your stationary can be the best outlet for experimenting with this particular trend. Have your love story penned in a ?Once upon a time?? fashion, on your invites. Just make sure that maleficent witches are not on your guest list.



1960s style has been in fashion since, well, the 1960s - an era that's consistently recreated. Whether through feline flicks or bouffant hair, we'd try anything to emulate Brigitte Bardot. Howeverm you can avoid panda eyes and an unruly bird's nest by bringing the swinging sixties to your centerpieces. Artfully scatter 7? records on tables with an array of classic love songs from that era. Music and hair aside, the 1960s was a golden age of design. Take advantage of the Mad Men aesthetic and make your invitations look extra suave, with bold colour and even bolder fonts.

Metallic Gold
Saint Laurent has gone gaga for gold, a staple festive hue this Autumn. Discernment is imperative with this trend. Too much sparkle and gold dust will make it look like Tinkerbell sneezed all over your wedding. Table and general room decorations complimented with a gold foil cake are ideal to give your day the gold medal it deserves. Gold medals, now there's an idea for place name settings.

Knitwear and winter are like strawberries and cream; they make the perfect couple. Separates are becoming a popular choice for bridal attire, and we fully support this sartorial separation in BASH HQ. Imagine how romantic an off-white cashmere jumper (preferably fitted) teamed with a whimsical tulle skirt would be for a winter wedding. Olivia Palermo opened our eyes when we saw just how modern and elegant this can look. How about asking your granny to knit you something new (a bespoke bridal Aran jumper), to make it formal, like Alexa.

Burberry's monogrammed blanket cape has found several reincarnations on the high street. If you want to drape a blanket style cape atop bare bridal shoulders, (with, or without your partners initials embroidered on) by all means go for it. Though, we think that subtracting your veil and adding a delicate lace, or mesh cape is a more logical solution to avoid looking overdone.


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